On a property without any significant natural features or trees, and neighbors looming on either side, our design creates an extraordinary interior environment. Here, an incredible new landscape disguises the garage and is an invitation to occupy in new and unexpected ways. An unadulterated stone bar hovers precariously at the building line, bends to define a private setting, and cantilevers 35’ at the entry. A separate gallery building supports this private milieu behind, and provides a carefully calibrated setting for a significant rotating collection of art.

A series of expectations are created from the outset, and unanticipated spaces unfold as the visitor meanders through the property. Inside, one is alternatively drawn horizontally into the landscape and further into the house; the living room is carved into the stone bar above providing a space of unexpected height, while bewildering curved glass panels and enormous retracting glass doors encourage the transition through the building into the landscape.

Interior Design: SZProjects


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