The Tarrytown Residence defines a private landscape as the center of this family home. Caught between a walled garden along the street and a courtyard behind, the interior opens resolutely to the out-of-doors under a ubiquitous ceiling, barely contained by custom site-glazed window walls. A pair of abstract volumes, clad in long-format, black brick and black-stained cedar completes the ensemble, shielding the interior from view and providing a buffer to neighboring future development. Inside, the black brick is presented against finely detailed millwork, mill finished steel and a rich palette of fabric, wallpaper & colorful tile.

The visitor enters under a meandering Live-Oak limb into a carefully choreographed sequence of spaces. Great effort is made to simultaneously define discrete rooms while at the same time encourage a strong sense of continuity throughout – where hints of what is to come are everywhere and surprising delights at the turn of a corner.


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