Situated amidst a copse of live oak trees in a post-war enclave of large lots and ranch-style homes, the Westbrook Residence proposes an alternative to the sprawling suburban model. Here, four masonry volumes coalesce around a central living area, that in turn opens dynamically onto its adjacent landscapes. The free-flowing public spaces are defined as the area in-between, with floor-to-ceiling, site-glazed windows and under a continuous ceiling, while the masonry volumes are delineated in courses of purpose-made limestone bricks and crisp steel openings – creating a sense of intimacy to contrast the more ambiguous public spaces. Above and enclosing the in-between space is another volume, clad in steel, that connects the ensemble; light chimneys cut into this volume activate the space, providing an unexpected source of light and view, and suggest distinct areas within the free-plan of public spaces.

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