The Pecan Grove Residence is set out to resolve a collection of conflicting desires – where the desire for lightness conflicts with the requirements for structure; where the desire for mystery conflicts with appeal for pragmatism; and where the desire for connection conflicts with the demand for privacy. Rendered in artisanal brick and natural stucco, the house lies in the liminal position between shaded front yards and an unexpectedly rich courtyard of extraordinary mature trees.

The building fabric is calibrated to provide a sense of living open to the out-of-doors, while also presenting veils of visual protection. Inside, rooms open simultaneously to the out-of-doors. A sunken living room provides intimacy while also lowering the inhabitant to enhance the views into the tree canopy above. The geometry of the plan powerfully opens the house front to back, while the section presents the kitchen as a double height volume at the center of the house.

Interior Design: Alterstudio

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