The Perry Lane Residence is a substantial renovation to a seemingly unremarkable home with an extraordinary system of construction hidden beneath its surfaces. Originally built by an engineer for his personal home and concerned with the possibility of fire, the house was constructed with pre-cast concrete planks and steel columns. While unacknowledged in the existing plan, this robust structure prompted its reorganization.

A dynamic, open spatial sequence replaces an assortment of interior-oriented rooms and introduces multiple sources of light and view. Modest windows are replaced with large expanses of glass and over-sized sliding glass doors. The precast planks were exposed and refinished; their rhythm and texture defining a vibrant interior caught between a substantial back-yard and a newly enclosed front courtyard.

Into the new open plan, a collection of purpose-made elements is inserted to define the daily rituals of the home and give form to individual spaces. Carefully rendered in white oak, mill-finished steel and Chinese marble, these furniture-scaled elements stop short of the articulated ceiling, provide opportunities for concealed up-lighting and add a sense of finesse to the vibrant interior landscape.

with Claire Zinnecker Design

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