The Rainbow Bend Residence is a substantial renovation to an unremarkable home on a special site. While unacknowledged in the existing plan, a stunning view of the Texas State Capitol is clearly evident from the property, and prompted its purchase and subsequent radical reorganization.

Inside, a dynamic spatial sequence replaces an assortment of interior-oriented rooms and introduces multiple sources of light and view. Daily ritual is hosted through a collection of purpose-made elements– i.e. a bench and shoe shelf at the entry, an intimate banquet behind the kitchen, a study alcove at the stair landing, or the upstairs Pooja cabinet, oriented west and positioned so that it is omnipresent in the life of the house– and adds a sense of stasis to the vibrant interior landscape. Outside, a more modest and abstract public face replaces the previous superficial grandeur, and repositions the house to directly engage the out of doors.

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