The Bunny Run Residence is oriented to take maximum advantage of an unexpected greenbelt and lovely views offered at the rear of the property. A two-story mass conceals the neighbor to the east and establishes an independent relationship with the site. The entry courtyard is designed around a stand of live oaks and defines the home’s public presence in an assertive, albeit sensitive, injection of modernity to the area. By contrast, a private courtyard in the rear, where the neighboring homes disappear from view, creates a tranquil refuge.

Abstract and not immediately accessible from the street, the building reveals itself through its sustained experience. Windows that disappear beyond the plane of the ceiling, oversized mahogany sliders, and an unexpectedly tall light monitor in the master bathroom further a sense of wonder, while quarter sawn oak floors, walnut cabinetry, and grey Lueders limestone provide a point of stasis against this dynamic milieu.

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